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Song of Summer

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What a pleasure it’s been in the last couple of days to hear the breeding birds turn up the volume and blast into full voice. As I write, a blackcap is really going for it and a nearby robin seems to have taken up the vocal challenge in some interspecific rivalry. I’ve heard a couple of cuckoos too. One flew past me as I was cycling along the Corfe road, landed in a small copse beside a fairway on the golf course and immediately started to call. That was a very uplifting moment, having spent all day confined in a meeting room. But if I had to pick one singer that really does it for me it would have to be willow warbler. Their lovely phrase of descending notes repeatedly delivered from a suitable perch is a joyful sound of summer. I can hear one right now in the distance and I’m very tempted to leave this desk and go to it. Right I’m off…


Author: Kevin Rideout

National Trust Visitor Experience Officer based at Studland

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