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Jelly Giants

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barrel jellyfishBarrel jellyfish have been in the news recently with large swarms of these impressive sea creatures reported off the south west coast. Normally the barrel jellyfish live out to sea in deep water so this invasion into coastal waters is unusual. It may have been triggered by an increase in the amount of plankton for the jellyfish to eat brought on by higher than average winter temperatures.
This one washed up on Studland Beach was relatively small but they can grow to be three feet wide with trailing arms six feet long. Beneath the bell are hundreds of tiny mouths each surrounded by stinging tentacles that capture plankton.
These giant jellies may look scary but, despite their large size, the sting isn’t strong enough to be harmful to humans.


Author: Kevin Rideout

National Trust Visitor Experience Officer based at Studland

One thought on “Jelly Giants

  1. Great pic and info. Thanks.

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