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What a Load of Carp

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A big carp removed from Little Sea

A big carp removed from Little Sea

Watch Little Sea from any of the hides and you’ll soon notice prominent surface wakes and the occasional rise of a scaly back and fin. These are carp, illegally released into Little Sea, probably by unauthorised anglers, around 15 years ago. They have thrived to such an extent that there are some very large specimens in the lake now. But this hasn’t been a harmless introduction and it seems that the distribution of aquatic plants has contracted and numbers of overwintering wildfowl severely reduced as a result. Recently, the National Trust has begun a project to remove carp from the lake and though complete eradication is unlikely, the aim is to reduce the population and improve conditions for the native species.


Author: Kevin Rideout

National Trust Visitor Experience Officer based at Studland

One thought on “What a Load of Carp

  1. I understand that the otters have enjoyed the carp caught in the traps. I also understand that there is no truth in the rumour that otters have themselves been caught in the traps. Good news!

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