National Trust Purbeck Wildlife

We Three Kings

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Get out and about in Purbeck this month and celebrate the festive season by tracking down these three regal beauties.

You might think that a bird with the Latin name Regulus regulus would be a rather grand and imposing thing but in fact our ‘king of the birds’ is Britain’s smallest; the tiny goldcrest.  Sporting a yellow crown, goldcrests belong to a family of birds called kinglets.  Look for them in pine woodlands throughout Purbeck.

Firecrests are another kinglet found in Purbeck.  This is a stunner to look at with bronze shoulders and a black and white head pattern topped by a fiery orange crown.  Firecrests occur in coastal woodland with holly trees.  They are rare, but a good place to try is behind the huts at Middle Beach.

Finally, a kingfisher fly-past, with a flash of royal blue and a loud, piping whistle, makes any birdwatchers’ day.  Look for them at Little Sea or along the Poole Harbour shoreline.


Author: Kevin Rideout

National Trust Visitor Experience Officer based at Studland

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